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Cit@tion - Is a labour law collection with documents on human resource management and labour relations, that is always available online.

Cit@tion is a single database with current and prior versions of full papers: collective agreements and working conditions, directives, regulations, policies, terms, case law (full or short version and summaries) on labour matters: adjudication decisions, decisions from the Public Service Commission, the Labour Relations Board and the Pay Equity Commission.

The subscription includes :
  • a powerful search engine
  • the ability to annotate documents
  • download case law
  • access legal capsules
  • save your favorite searches
  • technical support and search support
Added value information

All texts are divided into segments by meaning and organized by Table of Contents. Segments are divided according to domain-specific terminology (thesaurus), quotations and references are marked. A powerful search engine supports all information inquiries and returns all related documents.

Consult the legal capsules on the most current employment legislation topics. Written by professionals and constantly kept up-to-date. You can learn more about psychological harassment, workplace accommodations and the duty of loyalty by employees among other topics.

Why use Cit@tion?
  • Easily manage acces rights
  • Lower your print costs : consult all your document on your screen!
  • Search documents and case law simultaneously
  • Offer regular training sessions
  • Write your notes directly next to text sections
  • Share your notes with colleagues

Cit@tion is the official portal to freely consult collective agreements in the public sector.

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