Unsatisfied with the options available to him, the creator of Momenteo wanted to develop an effective tool, which allowed him to easily manage his online billing. In 2016, NovAxis acquired Momenteo to carry on its success.

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Your accounting simplified

Momenteo is an online billing and quote tool designed specifically for self-employed people and freelancers.

We want to make freelancers' lives as simple as possible. Momenteo is designed like a calendar where you can add expenses, quotes and customers, and create and customize invoices.

Do not waste time with your accounting. Group all your expenses and bills in one place for free so you can focus on what you love most!

Currently helping entrepreneurs and freelancers in more than 38 countries, Momenteo offers an easy-to-use cloud-based interface with securely stored data. It helps manage billing while giving you clear overview of your company.

Momenteo, the ally of freelancers and entrepreneurs

With a little discipline, you will never have to stress over doing your accounting. Easily manage your customers, bills and expenses while getting a realistic overview of your small business. Have peace of mind so that you can devote yourself entirely to your art: your finances will finally be in order!

Now used by more than thousands of self-employed workers in more than thirty countries, Momenteo will meet your accounting needs, even if it's not your strength!

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Ready to master your accounting?

Create, customize and manage your invoices, track your expenses and your quotes... It’s now easy with Momenteo!