Developing good products takes teamwork

We know that our success as well as our customers’ success begin with the people who work here every day.

That's why we need them to successfully execute different projects (sometimes a little crazy) and build our business.

NovAxis team

Our team

Johanne Devin Présidente I fell in love with the web in 1995 during a presentation at Université Laval. I am still fond of web development, as well as being passionate about outdoor sports and weekends at my chalet.

Marius Hatot Directeur technique A big technology fan since he was only a kid, Marius is a confirmed and well-rounded creative person. A little Parisian, and a little Réunionese, his heart is now in Quebec. He is a fun-loving guy who loves parties and outings with friends, especially if he can dance.
Matthieu Blokkeel Directeur administratif et marketing Husband and father of a lovely but active little girl. Matthieu is a purely a product of the ’80s, made in France. The person with 50 open tabs at the same time on its computer. His glass is always half-full, especially when there is a good beer in it. Obsessions: potatoes, cheese, in short, food.

Mariana Nery Administration She is passionate about baking and attracted by new challenges, especially those that fall from the skies as accounting. Her two greatest treasures are her children, Pedro and Marina. Very organized, creative, and curious, she cannot stop herself from asking questions!
Jocelyn Babin Chargé de projet "Law leads to everything" as the saying goes. Jocelyn seems to make appropriate use of anything. Movies, theater, pub, radio, music, and law. He applies the maxim simply and quickly.
Georges Gingras Développeur back-end
Jennifer Guay Indexeure She is kissed by fire. Her long hair is like flames, and she has a warm smile. But her eyes tell a different story. Her eyes are like ice, with a cold and pitiless look. She is wild and her blood boils in her veins. And just like an ice storm, she's unshakeable. Dog lover, she is the first to gather her friends to celebrate.

Victor Ayub Chargé de projet High-quality Brazilian product, he tries to have roots in Quebec’s ice! Known for eating small portions at lunchtime, we now know that it is to feel less guilty when he eats all candies he can find! You can find him running around solving problems or playing FIFA19 with his favorite boss!
Catherine Caron Développeuse full stack
Samuel Pedneault Développeur full stack He is tall asparagus and tender as ribs. He does not get headaches from choosing who is first between the chicken or the egg. It is code first and then scrambled eggs with bacon. The only way we can stop him from making bad jokes or puns is to feed him with a Mr. Big.

Yoann Pertuza Développeur full stack He is always willing to go out for a beer or climbing. This French guy remains faithful to most clichés. When he is not talking about food, he bothers his colleagues with bad jokes.
Kim Fortin Développeuse front-end A somewhat contradictory character. She likes to surprise people and be surprised by life. She may spend too much money on Jolly Ranchers and indoor plants.

Anonymous Développeur full stack As "The Stig" in Top Gears, this programmer is the mystery man of NovAxis Solutions. If you visit us, you may discover who he really is...
Simon Rodrigue Designer Web et interface Starving for 80s cult movies, death metal, comics, cold beer, and greasy pizza. A teenager trapped in an adult body but also the father of two extraordinary little boys. Creative, explosive, and passionate. Hasta la vista, baby!
Sarah Morin Designer Web et interface Emotive and creative. A coffee and cats enthusiast.

Aymen Ben Ahmed Spécialiste marketing Web Web marketing, soccer, and nature: it is his favorite trio! Young but old school, connected but he still prefers paper flyers. A data passionate, true web marketing fuel.

Ariane Lessard Chargée de communications Like any good Sagittarius, she likes to explore real and unreal worlds. She has many superpowers, notably the power to write about anything under pressure. She dreams about the day she will finally become a taekwondo black belt.

Silvia Nadeau Conseillère Web Romantic and a bit naive, she believes that our world can be a better place if we have a thought for humanity in our everyday actions.
Daphnée Dorval Conseillère Web A calm and timid Caribean girl. A real "Otaku" in every sense of the word. She lives in world of comics, video games, animes, and Korean TV shows. She is a traveler, as well as Creole, and Asian food enthusiast.


An average employee at NovAxis Height : 1.72m (5 feet 6 inches) Shoe size : 9.5 Age : 35
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