The white label: the solution to reach more customers

Offer your customers a solution to create tailored websites that look the way they want and help them stand out from the crowd.

Effortless websites
The Website Reseller program uses the WebSelf platform, a system well-known in the field as an efficient solution for creating websites. In just a few clicks and without any specific technical knowledge, your customers can create professional websites.

A true white label
Your customers do not have any direct access to WebSelf, whether in the website builder or the online help tool. Your customers benefit from a customizable website builder tool that provides them with an online presence and help them enhance business visibility and revenue.

As a partner, NovAxis will guide you through the process to support your growth.

Earn money with a proven solution

Create additional revenue by using a website builder tool in combination with your existing products. The future is now with WebSite Reseller! This tool is so easy to use that you can quickly start benefitting from significant growth while staying ahead of the competition.

Increase average customer revenue

Improve customer retention and average customer revenue by offering a complementary product in combination with your core business. You can also use this product to enhance your service offer (SEO, design, emailing...).

A powerful website builder

Save time in a no-code environment that reflects your brand image. With the website builder, you can introduce useful features, such as an online store, newsletters and slideshows. You can also add third-party services via scripts without any problems.

A flexible tool

Customize your service offer and rates to promote products tailored to your specific customer groups.

Are you...

a service provider to SMEs? Would you like to expand your product offer?

Self-employed Looking for additional revenue online?

Web Designer / Webmaster / Communications Agency Turning down small projects?

Web Hoster Want to stand out from your competitors?

Then the white label is what you need. Contact us
By choosing Website Reseller, you benefit from:
  • A professional white label
  • A customizable platform to reflect your own image and colours
  • A customizable management panel
  • A SaaS (Software as a Service) solution in constant development
  • A website generator customized to your colours
  • A solution that is online fast
  • An opportunity to create your own business offer, with your prices and services
  • An innovative technological tool offering the best service to your customers at low cost

Become a Website Reseller today and start enjoying the advantages of the service. Start now.

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